With over a dozen colors to choose from, Speedline® Colored PVC Fittings Covers provide the appropriate color for your insulation projects by matching custom colors to your specific needs.

Colored PVC Fitting Shapes are available in:

  • 90º Short Radius Two-Piece Elbow
  • Flange Coupling Covers
  • Oval End Cap
  • 45º Short Radius Two-Piece Elbow
  • Union Covers
  • Inline Reducers
  • Tee/Valve Covers
  • Y-Strainer Covers

Speedline® Colored PVC Fitting Covers are not rated for outdoor usage, see our White PVC Fitting Covers for your outdoor needs. Need a more durable fitting cover? Check out our Heavy Duty Fitting Covers.

Download our full-line catalog. Need sizing information? Download sizing chart.

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