Speedline® standard grade, White PVC Fitting Covers are available in 90 degree and 45 degree elbows with or without flexible inserts.

White PVC Fitting Covers Shapes:

  • 90º Short Radius
  • 45º Short Radius
  • Tee-Valve Covers
  • End Caps
  • 90º Long Radius
  • Victaulic Elbow Covers
  • Victaulic Tee Covers
  • Victaulic Coupling
  • Flange Coupling
  • Union Cover
  • Inline Reducer
  • Oval End Cap
  • P-Trap
  • Y Strainer
  • Roof Drain Cover

Using fitting covers indoors? Check out our line of Colored PVC Fitting Covers. Looking for fitting covers that are more durable? Download our full-line catalog. Need sizing information? Download sizing chart.

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