Covers are available as elbows, tees and flanges and are no longer a problem with the perfect fit, step-down Speedline® PVC Standard and Low Profile Victaulic, which are available in white and 14 color options. Quick, on-the-job adjustments complete the fit for every size.

Original Victaulic 90º Elbow

Elbow Covers are manufactured in two-half sections, which are available sealed as a one piece cover for ease of installation. Each Fitting Cover has stepped outer laps for neatly overlapping a ½˝, 1˝, 1½˝ or 2˝ pipe insulation thickness for the pipe sizes shown. Sold as a 90° and 45°.

Note: For an insulation thickness of 2˝ or more, use more than one insert as needed.

Download Sizing Chart